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Ongoing support and development of your web presence

When your site is built the journey is only just beginning. Your website should evolve with your needs and regular updates will ensure more customer interaction. In addition your website should only be one part of your online engagement strategy.

We've put together our sitecare package, a range of tools and services to ensure you're using your website to it's full potential and communicating ef fectively.

Our basic package is suitable for small and medium enterprises and includes the following.

1. An hour of maintenance and support per month

This can be used for things such as

  • A. Adding new content, graphics or products to your site.
  • B. Training.
  • C. Ongoing technical support.
  • D. Updating website software and security patches.
  • E. Consulting.

And best of all if you don't use your allowance you can roll it over to the next month!

You can even accumulate multiple months to save up for more major changes or use the hour as part of a bigger update.

2. A monthly analytic report outlining how site is performing

This comprehensive document gives rich information about the visitors to your site.

You can see

  • A. where in the world they are from,
  • B. how long they spend on the site,
  • C. which pages on your site are visited,
  • D. the search terms used to find your site and much more.

We will help you extract the important information, understand how it relates to your site and how we can use that information to improve and refine things.

3. Monthly progress brief by telephone or email

It’s good to talk! The monthly progress brief is an important opportunity for us to learn about any updates to your business which might influence the online engagement strategy.

It also gives us a chance to share feedback on how we are progressing and answer any questions you may have.

4. Setup and maintenance of social media profiles

Social media is an important part of customer engagement and it’s not enough to simply open a page and forget about it.

  • A. We will work in partnership with you to manage your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google + and so.
  • B. Our sitecare package includes a daily check on all your social media pages for new
  • C. posts or messages from customer and together work on replies, status updat es and posting of information up to 15 posts per month

5. Setup and maintenance of social media profiles

When done correctly email marketing can be highly effective. It is also a bit of a legal, technical and moral minefield!

  • A. We work with you to put together an effective message
  • B. We test the design and layout on over 50 of the most popular email clients (such as outlook, gmail, iphone etc)
  • C. We use a distributed mail delivery service which ensure your message is delivered reliably and without the risk of penalty to your own email address or IP address.
  • D. We provide the facility for your customers to unsubscribe them selves automatically and also deal with the ‘out of office replies’ and bounce backs that follow a mailout.

6. Maintenance of a google adwords campaign

Adwords are the links that appear at the top and to the right of the search results on google. We will work with you to build and develop an adwords campaign that will bring in highly targeted visitors to your site.

7. Maintenance of a google adwords campaign

We include hosting on our advanced hosting platform which is hosted in the UK to ensure the quickest access times for your customers and beneficial geolocation.

The 5Gb diskspace and 20Gb monthly data transfer included is more than adequate for most small and medium businesses and is us ually charged at £175+VAT per year!

8. Two hours of active Search Engine Optimisation work each month

Search engine optimisation is a constantly developing field and our team ensures they keep upto date on the current best practice and apply it to your site.

Search engine optimisation is a constantly developing field and our team ensures they keep upto date on the current best practice and apply it to your site.

9. Uptime monitoring

We use automated systems to monitor your website every 5 minutes around the clock so that any issues that might arise are identified and dealt with as soon as they happen.

10. Proactive monitoring of your brand online

  • A. Our alert system keeps track of your brand on a range of popular sites and the wider internet.
  • B. We’ll monitor if your brand is being discussed on forums, sold on ebay, featuring in the news, on social media and anywhere else online.
  • C. This can help identify customers who might have had a bad experience or who are singing your praises!

11. Content Delivery Network

12. Site Security


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