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Based in London, Kolourbox is a design agency providing design for print and the web.


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service disruption 29 Oct 2015

There was some disruption on 29 Oct 2015 to our customers located on our amber server. This resulted in database connection errors and delays in mail for a short while. The issue occured due to a cha…

Link - Posted by Kolourbox on Oct 30, ’15

The cobblers children have no shoes

They say "the cobblers children have no shoes" and in our case the web developer had no website! For some time it was an in-joke that we didn't have a proper website of our own. However we were al…

Link - Posted by Kolourbox on Mar 26, ’15

The march of mobile, the wanderings of widescreen

In many ways things were simpler before the teens. In 2005 a web developer knew that the majority of users would be viewing on traditional 4:3 screen running at a near uniform resolution with a littl…

Link - Posted by Richard on Mar 26, ’15

Hello World

This humble phrase has launched millions of technological ships and every developer will remember the joy of seeing those words for the first time. But what does Hello World! actually mean? Quite …

Link - Posted by Kolourbox on Mar 26, ’15